中華民國職能治療師公會全國聯合會學術研究發表獎勵申請名單(108年 )
編號 申請人姓名 論文名稱
108001 陳于涵 Hearing the Child's Voice:Goal-setting with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as part of Intprvention for promoting participation
108003 沈宜璇 Neural correlates of response inhibition and error processing in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury: An event-related potential study.
108004 賴思慎 Identifying the Cognitive Correlates of Reciprocity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
108005 黃婉茹 Six-minute Walk Test and Dual Task Balance Test for
Distinguishing Falls in People with Schizophrenia
108006 陳羿君 Vocational rehabilitation for enhancing return-to-work in person with mental disorder : a case study
108007 陳羿君 Effectivness of Life Storytelling Group in Mental Illness
108008 陳羿君 The Effects of Tabata Tra ining for People with Mental lllnes
108009 高婷 Use Music as Means and Ends for Adults with Mental Illness
108010 陳芝吟 建立治療性關係以提升思覺失調症患者之醫療配合度:個案報告
108011 黃文儀 Effects of Volunteering for Individual with Mental Illness in Psychiatric Center
108012 黃文儀 Effectiveness of Self-Management in Promoting Quality of Life for People with Mental Illness in Psychiatric the Center
108013 黃文儀 Effect of Calligraphic Therapy on the Depression, Anxiety and Stress for People with Schizoplu·enia in Psychiatric the Center: Randomized Controlled Trial
108014 黃俞蓁 運用人類職能模式介入思覺失調症患者之成效:個案報告
108015 鄭至亨 人類職能模式對思覺失調症患者動機再促進成效
108016 蕭涵憶 特殊境遇族群職能生活統御團體經驗
Applying the Group of Occupational Life Empowerment for Special Population.
108017 蕭涵憶 A KA WA Model-Based Group for People with Post-polio Syndrome: the Life Narratives and Factc Related to Lifestyle
108018 洪從善 Compru·ative Assessment of Two Robot-Assisted Therapies for the Upper Exti·emity in People With Clu·onic Stroke.
108020 陳柏廷 Effects of Proximal and Distal Robotic-Assisted Therapy with Intensive Functional Task Practice of Upper-Limb Functions in Patients with Chronic Stroke.
108021 陳柏言 Enhance the doing and participation in cognitive inte1vention group: a 40-people group in the day-care center.
108022 陳柏言 The effects of dragon-boat racing on physical fitness of patients with schizophrenia-a pilot study in southern Taiwan.
108023 林尚樺 加賀谷音樂療法應用於思覺失調症患者之情緒和人際互動成效
108024 陳柏伃 Real-Time Monitoring of Ascorbic Acid-Mediated Reduction of Cytotoxic Effects of Analgesics and NSAIDs on Tenocytes Proliferation
108025 詹佩穎 The effect of anxiety on brain activation patterns in response to inspiratory occlusions: an fMRI study
108026 鄭嘉雄 Abnormal frontal generator dming auditory sensory gating in panic disorder: An MEG study
108027 陳信壅 Long-Term Voluntary Phys ical Exercise Exerts Neuroprotective Effects and Motor Disturbance Alleviation in a Rat Model of Parkin son's Disease
108028 許慧珊 以「任務歷程結合動作指標的游標操作評量」形成策略來改善游標操作
108029 李孟娟 Patient's Opinions on Patient Decision Aids for carpal Turnel Syndrome in a Hospital in Southern Taiwain
108030 李孟娟 Benefits of Occupational Therapists Adoption of Patient Decision Aid Tools
108031 古芳菱 復健科職能治療師職務代理制度之建立
108032 古芳菱 Factors associated with basic activities of daily living performance in patients with Alzheimer's disease
108033 古芳菱 Comparison of rivastigmine transdermal patch and rivastigmine capsules in caregiver burden to Alzheimer's disease patients
108034 古芳菱 長照復能服務對青年失能者之成效
108035 古芳菱 左右腦中風患者之電動代步車駕駛表現差異
108036 古芳菱 中風患者電動代步車駕駛表現量表初版之發展
108037 林克忠 Hybrid rehabilitation therapies on upper-limb function and goal attainment in chronic stroke.
108038 施鳳眉 Effect of social support and health education on depression scale scores of chronic stroke patients.
108039 陳以昌 Determinants of quality of life in the older residents of long-term care facilities using the world health organization international classification of functioning, disability and health framework in Taiwan
108040 黃宗毅 Biomechanical Evaluation of Three-Dimensio'1al Printed Dynamic Hand Device for Patients ) With Chronic Stroke
108041 彭婉晴 人類職能模式運用於精障者之情形-個案報告
108042 彭婉晴 改善思覺失調症患者動機缺損之介入成效探討-文獻回顧
108043 古芳瑜 建置無紙化職能治療評估平台(BC021)
108044 廖怡茜 注意力缺損過動症之書寫問題探討
108045 黃綺虹 The Utilization of Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services in Taiwan: An Analysis from Taiwan's Claim Big Data
108046 何官桓 電腦認知軟體介入對於改善兒童生活適應之成效初探
108047 蘇秀婷 雹腦輔助治療介入發展遲緩兒童之認知功能探討:文獻回顧
108049 黃麟傑 Traditional-Chinese Dispositional Flow Scale-2 and Flow State Scale-2 in Taiwanese subjects with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder
108050 林雁飛 Reducing the occurrence of spontaneous fracture caused by incorrect patient positioning
108051 林雁飛 以品管圈手法降低自發性骨折的發生-以南部某地區醫院為例
108052 林雁飛 預防及延緩失能模組活動對社區失智症患者的影響
108053 鄭雅文 Effect of an Occupancy-Based Activity Design on Health and Quality of Life in Patients with Dementia
108054 簡才傑 Using PDCA of Suicide Prevention in Occupational Therapy Intern Student
108055 黃孟雯 Experience of providing recovery-oriented services for Taiwanese people with mental illness living in the community
108056 謝妤葳 Modulation of Motor Cortical Activities by Action Observation and Execution in Patients with Stroke: An MEG Study
108057 蔡淑華 失智症家屬藝術治療支持團體-「看見優勢觀點:從照顧歷程找到正面力量」:以南部非都市區為例
108058 張朧心 社交技巧評估工具於思覺失調症患者之心理計量特性
Psychometric characteristics of social skills assessment tools in patients with psychosis disorders
108059 吳益芳 Prevocational Programs of Vocational Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Interventions to an individual with Schizophrenia for Taking Civil Service Examinations: Case report
108060 廖硏蒲 初探臺灣職能治療師於臨床實務中面對的性議題
108061 廖硏蒲 慢性中風病人參與新休閒活動的情形與主觀原因探討
108062 廖硏蒲 慢性中風病人休閒參與受限之主觀因素
108063 李孟達 How do impairments in cognitive functions affect activities of daily living functions in' older adults?
108064 張婉嫈 Efficacy of Computerized Cognitive Training on Cognitive Functions in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Preliminary Study
108065 劉怡佳 以Kirkpatrick 模式運用於臨床實習實證職能治療教學
108066 劉怡佳 Supervisors' Perception of the Use of the Generic version of the Mini-CEX in Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education in Taiwan
108067 廖于萱 The feasibility of lifestyle redesign program for people with schizophrenia
108068 廖于萱 Introduction of Compensatory Cognitive Training for Schizophrenia
108069 廖于萱 Self-stigma and its correlates among people with schizophrenia
108070 薛文媛 以「家庭為中心」介入方案於腦中風患者參予之成效
108071 黃瑞祥 Saccade eye movement in children with affertion defiut hyperacticrey disorder.
108072 江淑君 Osong Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Techniques improve veaching movement in stroke patient-case report.
108073 李紀屏 Predicting the activities of daily living ability of Children with Developmental Delay from fine motor and cognition
108074 蔡佩君 運用3D列印製作餐盤輔具
108074-1 蔡佩君 後天學者症候群-腦中風病例報告
108075 高玉馨 家長參與發展遲緩兒童到宅服務評估歷程之訪談硏究
108076 陳明德 The use of wearable technology to improve physical activity of people with mental illness -feasibility and pilot study
108077 陳明德 「電腦化日常注意力測驗」於思覺失調症患者的信效度研究
108078 陳明德 以人類職能模式探討大學生睡眠參與的考量因素及因應策略
108079 林玲伊 Differences between preschool children using tablets and non-using tablets in visual perception and fine motor skills
108081 李佳宜 教學影片於職能治療副木教學之應用
108082 李佳宜 A Case study of trigger finger treatment: comparison of two
designs of splints
108083 楊琇涵 Altered auditory repetition suppression and MMNm in relation to cognitive tests in older adults
108084 林靜嫄 Rehabilitation plan geared towards regaining daily living functions - The case of a major burn combined with Volkmann's contracture and metacarpophalangeal amputation
108085 黃貴珠 在自然環境中以家庭為中心的早期療育介入
108086 張雅棻 Occupational Therapy through incorporation of positive behavioral intervention for adults with autism with severe emotional problems
108087 謝芯晏 Therapist through Scout group activity helps the disabled social integration
108088 戴雯緣 成年乳癌患者運動參與影響因素之初探
108089 李金燕 精神疾病患者其汙名化感受、復原力及社會功能之關聯性
108090 李金燕 改善精神科日間病房病患之健康促進方案
108091 李金燕 桌遊團體介人改善精神病患之療效因子與滿意度
108092 邱麗玉 Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change of the Allen Cognitive Level Screen,6th Edition in patients with Schjzophrenia
108093 邱麗玉 艾倫認知測驗版本與用於精神疾病患者之心理計量特性:文獻回顧
108094 張婉嫈 Unilateral vs Bilateral Hybrid Approaches for Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Chronic Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial
108095 陳思樺 A female infant with tetrasomy 18p : a case report
108096 張哲豪 Occupational therapy to improve quality of life for colorectal cancer survivors : A randomized clinical trial
108098 林育璿 Output Value and productivity of workshops in a psychiatric hospital- the pilot study
108099 蔡郁欣 某精神專科醫院住院之慢性精神病人參與自主運動方案對身體組成之成效評價硏究
108100 蔡欣芸 某精神專科醫院慢性精神病友拉筋伸展操效果之評價分析
108101 王沛云 The Prevalence of Deficits in Health-Related Physical Fitness in Patients with Chronic Psychiatric Disorders(CPD)-Implications for Occupational Therapy
108102 周旻君 某精神專科醫院由龍發堂入院病人之五階職能復健模式成效初探
108103 許涴淇 某精神專科醫院推動病友自主運動促進方案之第三年成果分析
108104 許涴淇 高強度間歇體能訓練於精神疾患個案之效果:文獻回顧
108105 許涴淇 The Efficacy of a Lower-Extremity Exercise Program for Individuals With Chronic Psychiatric Disorders (CPD)
108106 黃小玲 Responsiveness and predictive validity of the computerized digit vigilance test in patients with stroke
108107 吳姿儀 The association between occupational performance and
working satisfaction in chronic patients with schizophrenia: A two-year longitudinal study.
108108 王三平 Association between frailty status and employment outcomes in chronic patients with schizophrenia: A 4-year cohort study
108109 簡子芸 The effects of multi-tasking training on motor, cognition, and occupational performance with severe mental illness
108110 謝孟璇 思覺失調症個案的老化及介入
108111 吳菁宜 The active ingredient of cognitive restoration: A multicenter randomized controlled trial of sequential combination of aerobic exercise and computer-based cognitive training in stroke survivors with cognitive decline.
108112 莊宜靜 Risk factors outperform intracranial large artery stenosis predicting unfavorable outcomes in patients with stroke
108113 王湉妮 Feeding patterns and parental perceptions of feeding issues of very low birth weight preterm infants in the first two years of life: A cross-sectional cohort study
108114 蔡秀滿 某精神專科醫院推動門診健康逗陣走方案之成效探討
108115 蔡佳瑜 中部某精神專科醫院工作復健服務探討~職能復健模式五階層之第三階與第四階工作訓練分析
108116 謝清麟 Development and validation of the occupational therapy engagement scale for patients with stroke
108117 林恭宏 Development of a computerized adaptive testing system for assessing 5 functions in patients with stroke: A simulation and validation study
108118 黃怡靜 A comparison of the responsiveness of the Postural Assessment Scale for Stroke and the Berg Balance Scale in patients with severe balance deficits after stroke
108119 李淑君 Construct Validity and Reliability of the Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Evaluation Scale (COTES) in People With Schizophrenia
108120 邱恩琦 Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change of the Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument in patients with dementia
108121 許庭榕 Occupational Therapy in Palliative Care for People with Dementia
108122 許庭榕 The Role of Occupational Therapy for Delirium Prevention
108123 許庭榕 Development of Cognitive Therapy Intervention for Delirium Prevention in Acute Elderly Inpatients : A Pilot Study
108124 陳美香 Responsiveness and predictive validity of the Tablet-based Symbol Digit Modalities Test in Patients with Stroke
108125 劉妍廷 Effects of the orthopedic insole on postural balance in patients with chronic stroke
108126 蔡翰霆 手指動態副木於中風個案上肢功能的介入成效
108127 曾妍文 The effectiveness of coloring therapeutic groups on negative emotion of clients with mentalillness.